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Your Higher Self: What Is It And How You Can Consciously Connect to that Aspect of yourself

Hello Loves!

This week I'm just making it easier on myself and including this video on Your Higher Self because I didn't have time to write this one out. I'm working on becoming comfortable with video so you will see the awkwardness, LOL.... AND you will see me evolve with that comfort level as I do more of these!

So this is a condensed and quick 11 minute video. There is way more but my guidance came through to put out something that people can follow easily and quickly and to do it sooner than later. So there is more to be said on the Higher Self and that will be forthcoming. Some of you are OGs and some of you are new. So for you OGs out there, you might need this as a reminder because doing this now is needed more than ever. Sometimes we fall on the way side and need to reset. Clarity is getting muddied and we have to remember to check back in. And for those of you who are new to all of this, this is something I highly recommend you incorporate into your practice. At a very simple and basic level, connecting to your Your Higher Self is a way to build your power and connect to your intuitive guidance system.

Watch here and remember to LIKE and Subscribe to my Channel! I will be posting weekly. Much Love to you all!


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