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Your Patterns, Moon Cycles and what you can do about it

Updated: Apr 23, 2019

Feeling a little (or a lot) off?

Did ya notice that there is a Full moon coming up? Not only is there a full moon but we are about to experience a lunar eclipse. Nothing out of the ordinary as it has happened before right? But if you pay attention, you will notice how you are also affected by the moon phases.

Amplified x 10!

As cliche' as this may sound, the Moon is magical. It has

pull... literally. It affects Mother Earth and all of her inhabitants.

We all are affected by the moon. The Moon is a magical body gracing the earth (and us) with her light and magic juju every day and night. I am no moon expert but I've observed how I sync up naturally with the moon's cycle every month (as an afterthought really). I've also noticed how others are affected.

For me, I would notice when I have a creative burst or have a bout of purging people and things from my life or have a phase where I need extra rest or going through my own womanly/physical cycles and realize it was when the moon was full or new or when it was waning or waxing (not in that order). I realized I was naturally syncing up with the moon's cycle. And sometimes, as with special moon phases such as the one coming up, I become especially extra spacey and totally forget to ground.

Don't be Me and remember to ground.

This is part of energetic maintenance. Even though we try to be 100% on it all of the time, we have moments where we forget to check in with our energy to see if we need to clear or ground.

Sometimes I forget and ride that wave of beautiful energy and then smh at myself afterward (laughing of course). And this was me yesterday, btw, and I just came off of a much needed vacay. I did end up grounding right before bedtime.

Better late than never eh? This lunar eclipse is doing a number on me for sure...

Have you noticed a pattern with your mental, emotional and physical self that naturally sync's with each phase of the moon? If not, take note of it...

On an energetic level it affects our gravity which you can definitely see with the increase in waves as the moon becomes full as well as affecting the patterns and behaviors of animals and humans alike.

On a mental level you may witness this as you (or others) having creative bursts of ideas and purging that which no longer serves you (ie. relationships, your own "stuff" that prevents you from moving forward or material possessions) ...or if you haven't practiced the art of mindfulness, one can become erratic, egoic and potentially violent if allowed to escalate - notice the increase in crime, people being arrested and admitted into hospitals, etc - people literally can become cray.

Credit to Crystal Anne Compton for sharing this gem

On an emotional level, the moon can affect you physically on a hormonal level and on a mental level (because they do overlap). You may be in your feelings more during the moon cycles where you become more introspective and reflective.

On a physical level, and this is especially true for woman's menstrual cycle) you may feel physically off or like there is something not right or you may be feeling super tired and drained.

What would this look or feel like you ask?

Some of you might have been feeling some anxiety, a little ansy, feeling like something is off with you or with life but you can't put your finger on it, maybe feeling super tired or drained (in which case honor that and get some extra sleep), maybe even feeling extra hungry or the need to snack (because food grounds you but a "no bueno" if you're watching calories) or maybe all of the above. This is just to name some symptoms as everyone experiences the energies differently.

The best way to get ahead of the game is to stick to a meditation and grounding practice. Sometimes though, life gets hectic and you let that slide. If that happens, just get right back on it and get back into your practice(s). If you find yourself needing a quick fix, here are some tools that can also help you get back into alignment:

  • Listening to solfeggio tones (Can be found on youtube of varying frequencies for different purposes. Go with your intuition and if it doesn't sound/feel right, move on and find another.)

  • Listening to binaural and/or isochronic tones (depending on what works for you, also can be found on youtube. Again, go with your intuition and if it doesn't sound/feel right, move on)

  • Going outside: feeling and breathing the air, looking at the sky, soaking up the sun or moon and if you are brave enough, hug a tree.

  • Exercise/movement (can be any type of physical activity or dance)

  • Grounding Meditation (silent or guided)

....And sometimes, doing a combination of all of the above is needed.

Make sure to drink lots of water throughout as it will help keep you in balance and manage your energy.

All we can do it live this thing called life as best as we can as Spiritual Beings living out this hooman experience.

No one said it had to be perfect!


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