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What Clients have said...

Mediumship Reading
"Just wanted you to know my brother is my half brother from my father and my grandfather you were describing was my dads dad...very cool ... He died before my wedding but my "something blue" was his handkerchief that I held during my whole wedding ... Just some  validation. Thanks again"



Your Energy Field Class Testimonial
"Hi Maria! I’m so happy I was able to make it 💜 It had been in the back of my mind since you first posted about it. You are truly a wealth of knowledge and I cannot believe how much you were able to pack into such a short amount of time! You planted a lot of seeds for new clearing methods That I can use in my practice and share with my own clients. You did an absolutely incredible job explaining everything in a digestible way which was so helpful because as you know, not everyone speaks our language so it is important to be able to translate in a way that people will not be intimidated by. Thank you again. You are truly inspiring to me 💜🙏”


Akashic Soul Profile Reading

"Thank you so much for taking the time to put my reading together! I feel so blessed to have been able to receive this! You nailed so many things that are true for me. Being right at the juncture of me starting to teach dharma and meditation, this came in at the perfect time to give me the confidence to fully believe "yes this is my path." Id love to send you a little something as a thank you, is there a mailing address I could send to? 
Thank you again, I will be referring friends to you for readings! :)
Many blessings"


Akashic Soul Profile Reading
“I have been experiencing serious (all wonderful) shifts. I was moved to re-read the reading you gave me. I had forgotten about me having a second Godspark. My heart chakra has been doing a lot of opening. I literally feel emotions of others more than ever. I also had a dream today that had a lot to do with reiki healing and rejection. Plus, I have been feeling the urge to work more with my Egyptian heritage. Osiris and Isis came to me several times in the past when I journeyed and gave me healings. Isis does the same in my dreams. Basically, I'm stepping into the flow of my soul's mission more. Your reading spelled it out. I'm a writer and heart-centered healer. This 12:12 Gateway that started today is related to the heart chakra, so I'm about to get serious doses of healing. Thank you again for the reading."


Akashic Soul Profile Reading
“Received my reading today and it all resonates, thank you so much as this helps me to know what path I should take....My clearest understanding of everything came through my Soul Profile Reading... It was excellent in explaining many things as well as what my best path and purpose was.”


Psychic Reading
"Hi Maria, I wanted to get back on and let you know that you hit gold with the music and dancing. I get angelic music in my dreams and I have a piano and guitar but haven't committed to the lessons yet. I wrote poems/songs. Also I was told my daughter is a divinity singer, can heal through song and dance. I feel like that's our thing; we make up songs and dance all the time. Thank you for that validation :)"


Psychic & Mediumship Reading
“My reading with Maria was unbelievable!! Her gifts are extremely connected into Spirit. She comes from such an heightened place of love. she knew details that there's no way she could have known. I appreciate your gifts and guidance. You truly are a blessing in this world. Her mediumship abilities are quite phenomenal. Thank you much love, Jessica Potter”


Psychic Reading
“Maria's reading coincidentally came at the exact right time for me. She nailed my personality to the T. The messages she gave me through this reading were so on point and were what I needed to hear. She gave me reminders that I needed to hear and was just so on point. It provided me with inner peace and reassurance.”


Psychic Reading
“I had a reading from Maria and it was amazing. She was right on target and picked up so many things that have been going on in my life. She was also able to validate some things for me as well. I highly recommend getting a reading from her!”


Mediumship Reading
“I had an excellent reading from Maria today and she was spot on with everything she said. She picked up on so many things and delivered very insightful messages! Thank you Maria <3 :-) <3!”


Psychic Reading
“Thank you so much for sharing your time and your gift. 
Your reading you provided to me definitely resonated with me and will help me to move forward with my gifts.
Thank you again and Blessings to you!”


Akashic Soul Profile Reading

“I received a reading as a birthday present from my Mother. I'll admit I went into it somewhat skeptical and wound up truly impressed at how spot on Maria was on many levels. Logistically, she's easy to communicate with, professional and really cares! Thank you Maria!”


Shamanic Healing Session
“Just had a shamanic healing session with Maria. Words won't do justice to what I experienced but I can tell you that it has altered my life for the better! Thank you Maria”


Psychic Reading

"I went to this expo in May and had a reading with you just wanted to say you were so on point you are so gifted and really in tune!! Everything that you picked up on came out to be true! Will definitely be back for another reading with you when the time is right or possibly for my birthday. Thank you for sharing your gifts, love your page also <3 have a great day!"


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