About Me



My name is Maria and I am so excited you are here. I have a passion for working with the soul, be it living or on the other side.  Through a series of life-changing events late in life, I gained clarity and figured out the abilities I have had all of my life (to see and sense spirit, to just know and feel things about other people and places, these abilities my grandmother and the women of my family had) were abilities that can and were actually meant to help others.  As a little girl I noticed how people would tend to come to my grandmother for insight into their lives and help with healing. I did not realize it was something I could use to help others up until a bit after I started down my path of self-discovery late in life.  I thought it was something we were just able to do.  Although I find not everyone decides to use their abilities to help others, I always had this pull deep down inside to do to just that.  About 13 years ago I decided I could not longer resist and it was time to make a huge change in my life.  After years of self-discovery and progressing in my Psychic development, it was time to start making the transition from working in the IT field for 20 plus years to following this calling that has been persistently nudging at me for a very long time.  That nudge to help people discover themselves at a soul level, heal, grow and excel in their personal development and spiritual journey.  After learning and deciding to use the conglomeration of Reiki, the Akashic Records and my Psychic Mediumship abilities to help others heal, transform and grow, my life has not been the same since.  To read my story on how this all unfolded for me from life as a little girl growing up in the hood, to childhood traumas, rage, depression, suicidal ideations and finally triumphing through it all, click here.  

Here is the CliffsNotes version of my training & certifications:  Angel Intuitive Practitioner under Dr. Kelli, Reiki Master Teacher under The Healing Triad, Soul Realignment Practitioner under Andrrea Hess, Psychic Mediumship training under Amanda Linette Meder and Lindsay Marino, Psychic Mediumship mentorship under Lindsay Marino and Anthony Mrocka, certified under Lisa William as Certified Psychic Spiritual Advisor, and Shamanic Apprenticeship & training under Monica Tyler. I am also an Ordained Minister under Universal Life Church Monastery

Besides all this spiritual jazz, I'm easy going and down-to-earth. I have lived in Illinois all of my life.  I hold a Bachelor of Science degree in Technical Management.  I am a lover of ALL music and have a PASSION for dancing.  I love riding my Harley. I'm an avid reader of all things philosophical, metaphysical, supernatural and science fiction.  I'm in love with Nature, all living things and summer days.  I'm a health nut but on occasion, you'll catch me noshing on some Doritos on a cheat day.  I am an Essential Oil enthusiast.  An aspiring herbalist.  I believe in the balance of all things in life.  I am a Mother of 2 beautiful girls and 3 goofy cats.  I am always on the path of embracing my inner Goddess.  And most importantly... I LOVE to laugh...and did I say dance? :)

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Much Love,