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11-11 Full Moon Energy Healing Transmission

The November Full Moon is upon us and time for the monthly remote healing transmission. The height of the energy of the Full Moon is happening on Tuesday, November 12th at 8:34 am CST. However, I will be doing the Full Moon healing transmission on Monday evening, November 11th.

The purpose of this transmission is to help you integrate the 11-11 portal energies with ease and grace as well as release that which no longer serve you. Once again I will be working with the ArchAngels but this time it will be a little different... I will be working outwardly with the Arcturians in anchoring this galactic energy to the planet and help sending that to you. I have not done it where I helped anchored galactic energy for others but it's been a long time coming. Because, ya know, I've been putting it off 😊 I'm learning and understanding these energies as I go.

The Arcturians have been patiently waiting in the background and stepping forward in my life every so often for a very long time now. And I know it was just to ease me in as I was resistant in working this field of energy. But as time progresses, I learn and grow and rinse and repeat. I'm getting waaay more woo as I go along 😉 At the end of the day, I am just a channel and am here to help, support and hold however that may look like in this physical existence.

If you want to be included, go to my Facebook or Instagram page and comment OPEN 🦋

Remember to drink plenty of water, exercise, get your sleep in and do a daily energy check in with yourself to help support receiving this energy and your energy shifts.

Sending Love,



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