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a session with me

What to expect in a session

The information I am given by Spirit during your session will be delivered to you in its most unfiltered and raw state possible. This means I will not attempt to translate their messages to make sense of them for you. You wouldn’t benefit from their message if I did...

It is like being the receiving clerk at Western Union when they used to provide telegram services. Maybe that's too old of an example. How about the flower delivery service who sets up the means by which you receive flowers with a personal heartfelt note from someone who hired them to deliver their message to you. The receiving clerk takes note of the message, having no clue as to what this message means to the client who placed the order (or to you) and prepares it in a neat and clear format to be delivered to you. You, the recipient, will know what the message means and it is ONLY for YOU to interpret. If the clerk at the flower delivery service sat there and tried to make sense of the message that was given to them before it was delivered to you, chances are the intended message will be misconstrued and lost to you. No bueno! Their unique message has to be delivered to you as they intended for you to receive it. Catered for your specific and unique situation, to be interpreted by you. My job is to relay the message. I’m the receiving clerk for all intents and purposes. Your job is to receive it and interpret the whats/whys it is being delivered to you. I will tell you what I see, hear, sense, feel and receive. Exactly as is. As I get it. Once you schedule a reading, spirit will start connecting and begin delivering their message 1 to 3 days before our scheduled session. They already know that you planned this and they tend to get a head start by coming through prior to your session with me. I primarily connect with your Spirit Guides, Angels and Ancestors. At the time of our reading, I connect with the Spirit that has stepped forward on your behalf. During a Spirit Guide, Ancestral or Angelic session, you will receive messages from Spirit (i.e Spirit Guides who have incarnated with you in past lives, Ancestors, Angels, Ascended Masters, etc.) who have been watching over you, guiding you and protecting you throughout this lifetime. Their messages are meant to enlighten you on a situation, help you excel on your life’s path as well as help you heal and grow from it. The length of a session typically depends on how much information comes through. Toward the tail end of our session together (and once Spirit is done relaying their message), you will have an opportunity to ask any questions you may have. Feel free to email me at with any additional questions I wasn't able to answer here! sending Love & Blessings,



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