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Affirmation for Regulating your Nervous System

Updated: May 18, 2022

Here is an Affirmation (or Mantra) to incorporate in your morning (routine upon waking) and evening routine (right before falling asleep). Feel free to tweak it, make it better and make it your own.

Program this as a reminder in your phone to pop up at such times.

Your subconscious mind plays a huge role in being responsible for your body, mind, emotions and energy. It runs & regulates your physical systems at the very background, at a very foundational level.

However, those programs can become corrupt and distorted due to life experiences such as trauma and belief systems that you have been exposed to and have experienced as you live your life.

This affirmation sets the intention to be in alignment with a balanced nervous system, gets your conscious co-creative juices involved and program your subconscious mind to regulate your parasympathetic nervous system if you tend to suffer from anxiety in certain situations or if you suffer from depression so that you may start healing physically from trauma & finally releasing trauma bonds/chords.

Your nervous system and mental wellbeing are connected through experiences and past memories. What you think can actually cause your sympathetic nervous system to go on hyper over drive thus becoming dysregulated. Which can eventually perpetuate a set pattern and trigger an undesired way of thinking and feeling.

I am not a therapist. But I know energy, the effects of dysfunction and how that creates distortion which contributes to disease and imbalance in the mental/emotional/spiritual/physical bodies because I lived through it and still healing from it. I've educated myself enough to where I am able to connect the dots on how our bodies expresses the disease & imbalances. And I am still learning!

It all starts at the energetic level and settles at the physical level. If left alone long enough, in order to heal you have to reverse engineer it and work at the body level on through to the energetic level, most times working on both the energetic and physical aspects simultaneousy. For some people addressing both the energetic and physical side works best and for some it’s working with 1 aspect at one time. The healing process is always unique to you.

I highly recommend you seek a well rounded holistic healing plan and include a therapist in your healing journey. Seek out a therapist who approaches things from a holistic perspective so you have all the tools at your fingertips. If you are presently seeking a therapist, I can recommend a few who I follow on Instagram so you can get a feel if they are a good fit for you.

However if a therapist is just not your thing, it is also possible to follow your intuition and use the resources you are guided to use in order start and continue on your healing journey. You will ultimately know what you need. You are your own teacher & healer. We only employ others when we need for others to hold space for us. Here are some tools that have worked for me that would address mind, body & spirit:

Guided & Silent Meditations

Sound Baths

Solfeggio Frequencies


Massage Therapy

Working with the Angels & Spirit Guides

Developing my trust in my own intuition

Various Energy Healing sessions (Reiki, Reconnective Healing, Shamanic Healing sessions)

Energy Clearing & Maintenance practices incorporated daily

Akashic Soul Realignment Session

Intention & Affirmation work incorporated daily

Understanding Ego & the subconscious mind

Ancestral Healing

Inner Child Work

I know I'm forgetting others tools I've used but this will give you an idea of what to look out for as a potential healing tool for you. Remember, you are embarking on shadow work. What is Shadow Work? It is inner work where you are bringing to light those parts of yourself that is hidden in the shadows (subconscious mind), known and unknown. You bring into the light these aspects of you for acknowledgement and healing. You are integrating all parts of yourself in order to be a whole, balanced, functioning multi-dimensional Divine Being that you truly are.

Much Love,



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