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Search encounter with a shady spirit

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...I see spirits throughout the day on most days in different forms. And they are harmless. If they need help, they approach me and I help them cross over. It's something I kind of fell into about 4 years back. It's been a while since I encountered one that made my stomach drop. You know that feeling when you know something is really wrong or feels off? Just like when you see or meet someone when you are out and about, doing your thang, and they make you feel like something is not right about them.

As we embark into the fall months, October reminds me of all things that go bump in the night of the scary variety just because of the increased scary movies advertised and of course Halloween. To be honest though, even with these kind of experiences, it's still NOT scary. What you are feeling is the way your body communicates with you that gives you that jolt and adrenaline rush to say "HEY PAY ATTENTION! SOMETHING IS UP!" Others would refer to it as the flight or fight reaction. A prompt to take action according to a situation. And it all depends on how you react to a situation.

Depending on what they (Spirits) are doing, what kind of energy is present and is accessible to them, the way they CAN or WANT to present themselves depends on how you or I perceive them. I'm going to narrow it down to human spirits. They can be a fleeting glimpse - as if someone passed by but when you check there is no one there. A shadowy figure, or silhouette, quickly walking past or moving about in the room across the way. A wavy clear human form (like a heat wave or water). A twinkle of silver white light. An orb of a variety of colors. And they can appear as someone as solid as you and I.

This particular instance actually happened around this time last year. I've always noticed increased activity every year from September until the end of October.

One night I was getting ready to turn in. My kids were asleep. As I was brushing my teeth, I was looking into the mirror, attempting to strengthen my ability to see beyond the first auric layer and tap into the second layer. As I was doing this, the bathroom lights flicker. The first thing that came to mind was someone was there in spirit. Not a second later after thinking that, I see the reflection of a figure pass by in the hallway outside of my bathroom door behind me.

As I saw this, I simultaneously felt my stomach drop. For a moment I second guessed myself and questioned whether I felt this because it startled me or if this was a warning about this spirit. But I caught myself doubting my initial feeling and knew it wasn't a good thing. I instantly knew the moment I saw him, he was earthbound. A stuck spirit. Whether it was by choice or incidentally, I don't know. However I knew he wasn't seeking help to cross over. The download of information about this spirit happened instantaneously. It doesn't always happen that way.

I stop, turn around and go look out the bathroom door (knowing full well I wouldn't see anyone). Nope, no one there. I got a glimpse of this person's side profile passing by just outside my bathroom door, traveling down my hallway in the direction of my bedroom. I saw his hairline, his ear, the clothes he was wearing but he was all one color. He was entirely a dark brown, almost black.

I've seen many shadow figures but I knew something wasn't right about this one. And I reacted. He was headed into the room where my youngest daughter lay sleeping and I went into Momma Bear mode. Not that I thought my daughter was in danger but I wouldn't let just anyone near my child let alone a stranger I received icky vibes from, living or dead. My knee jerk reaction was to immediately call on ArchAngel Michael and my guiding spirit to escort this Earthbound spirit out of my house for the time being and if he needed help he could come back during my dedicated spirit sessions. I asked that this spirit be made aware of those boundaries. When it was over, I checked in with my spirit team to find out what kind of character he was. What I felt was confirmed. This indeed was not a good EBS and thankfully he was out of my house.

I learned my lesson that evening. To trust what I initially get. I left it open for that man to return in the off chance I was wrong and if he was indeed looking for help. He never came back. And because of that I am grateful for the help that is available to each and every one of us from the Spirit World. AA Michael has been always around me since I was a little girl...and is the reason why I immediately go to him for help in a split second.

There really isn't anything to be afraid of when it comes to the spirit world. But just like any other Joe, you need to go with your gut instinct. If a person doesn't feel right, you need to listen to that warning. Same goes for those in Spirit. If you need the extra help and you are not feeling comfortable or are bothered by someone in spirit lingering about or just plain spooked, call on AA Michael. He provides an immediate escort for your visitor as well supports you with the energy of courage and protection. You can also ask you Guardian Angels to step in, help and boost up the anty as well. That is all you pretty much need to do.

If you would like to learn more in depth on how to release Earthbound Spirits from your property compassionately, Amanda Linette Meder has an eBook that will show you how. Find it here: would not NOT help a person just because they're different. They are just people needing a little direction who happen to be in spirit form.

Always remember, you have dominion over your person and over your space. You got this.

Warm thoughts and blessings to you my friend,


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