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Are you a lightworker trying to fit in a mold?

For all of those new to the lightworkin' path (and for some of us that have been that still find ourselves hung up on this - me included sometimes), try not to get hung up on what category you fit in or what to call yourself.

Are you a Lightworker trying to fit in?

A lot of times we find we fit into many different categories or not fit into one fully. Although Labels and categories do have their purpose and do serve well, it becomes a bit sabotaging when we try to completely fit a mold because we may become totally dependent on it to define who we are.

We all are unique, come in many shapes, sizes, faces & colors and personalities. We have our own style and do the work in specific areas in life. Some of us are badasses or smartasses and a lot of times both. Embrace it.

You don't have to own a shop where you do energy work and readings from. We have accountants, firefighters, the 911 emergency dispatch, doctors, police officers, secretaries, janitors, IT Specialists (holla!), the store clerk and the waitress that are the lightworkers who are embedded in society with the calling of spreading their light, spreading love, helping others shift as well as holding space for it.

If you doubted you are a Lightworker, you are.

Bottom line is just to let your path unfold organically and embrace your special brew of uniqueness. Don't get hung up in belonging to a certain group or fitting in a certain type of... whatever. When you do try to fit into a cookie cutter mold, it creates resistance and it makes for quite a bumpy ride.

I still sometimes catch myself reading the "If you are ____ then you are a ____" ... but these days I just shake my head and move on. I remember when I would look to those kinds of lists to define myself as I attempted to figure things out.

These lists were (and still are) super helpful but just for starting out on any given path. Just know it doesn't wholly define you because it isn't designed to.

with Love,


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