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aren't Lightworkers supposed to be perfect???

Photo Credit: Harry Quan

That’s the goal.

Perfect in your own authentic way. Not in the way we think "perfect" would be as perceived by others.

I’ve come to realize, and as a mentor confirmed to me recently, the path of your spirituality zigg-zaggs. It ebbs and flows.

One minute you are into crystals, tarot and channeling the Pleiadians. And the next you are shoving them all in a drawer and want nothing to do with it out of complete frustration.

In the beginning, we go through these phases A LOT. As time goes on, you come to realize there is a balance and that balance depends on what works for you and the geographic area you came to serve in.

Lightworkers are from all walks of life, all shapes and sizes, all occupations and different locales. We chose where we would best serve. Whether it be the Shaman in Peru or a fashionista in New York City.

Some of us are out in the open and some of us are undercover Lightworkers. Some of us are obvious with setting up shop for readings and healings. While others integrate their readings and healings within their 3D occupation (much needed by the way) on the down low.

In the beginning, you go through this phase of trying to fill in the shoes of what you think is a perfect lightworker. You are very mindful of your choice of words, mindful of your thoughts, mindful of the people in your life, you refrain from alcohol and processed foods. You meditate daily, attempt spirit guide communication, you say your affirmations, stay mindful of your energy, you go to sound healing classes, yoga classes, read up on different healing modalities, keep your emotions in check and the list goes on and onnnnn.

Mind you, this eventually happens naturally but there is a point where we are trying to hard and get burnt out.

In between going full force with the “work” then turning around to retire it all in frustration, there are phases where you go back and hang with the old crew, party like you used to, binge on crappy foods, have bouts of anger/depression/frustration, and Negative Nancy self talk has re-emerged….only to find out you no longer can tolerate or like this lifestyle and this is no longer a vibrational match for you.

Yep your vibration up-leveled on you as you were doing the work.

So you got it out of your system and you go back and recruit your crystals, cards and get back into channeling with renewed motivation and clarity.

This pattern rinse and repeats. Every time, resulting with you figuring out you can’t tolerate the alcohol and the crappy food even more so. The toxic emotions are even more toxic, and you're more aware of the Negative Nancy talk, etc, etc. etc. Some of us do this so much so where it gets to a point where we are beating the proverbial dead horse with a stick.

And so we eventually figure out it’s all in moderation.

That every now and again - if you so choose - you can have (or tolerate) a glass of wine or beer (or two). Or you can have some cheat meals but not a binge weekend! You might even schedule a week of vacay to get all of that out of your system - if you're brave, lol. You can allow yourself to feel and process those lower level emotions in order to get it out of your system and heal. You can still talk on occasion with the people in your old crew just to catch up, while keeping them at arms length.

You figure out for the most part you have to break away and allow yourself to be human in order for you to come back and serve with more motivation, clarity and perspective.

You figure out it’s all about balance. Your balance. This balance is different for everyone.

It may mean you are in balance 100% all the time. If so, that's awesome! It may mean you may be a 80/20-er or a 70/30-er. It depends on where you are and who you chose to serve. Mind you, this can change over the course of your life.

But, remember, we are also here to live a human existence.

You aren’t a Tibetan monk in this life. You probably were in your last life time. So let it go.

You live in a different environment. You chose to live where you live so that you may serve the group of people who are within your radius. And if that means having a life balance of 70/30, so be it. And it’s perfect. You are a lightworker living by example. Creating a balance of mind, body and soul and showing others how to do just that.

You chose to live where you live before you incarnated. To serve the people in your geographic area.

Will Spirit still work with you? Of course! You are perfect the way you are. Just keep in mind to stay mindful of your energy and the energies around you if you want to give quality service, if you are in service to others or for the sake of keeping everything in check.

There is no manual. It will not be perfect. The way it goes will be like raising your first child. You do everything by the book and you are on the straight and narrow. It’ all good but it isn’t realistic. Then your 2nd and 3rd child comes along and you are more relaxed because you realize you can relax while still remaining mindful and diligent of the necessaries.

This is my perspective at this point in my journey. As I've moved along in my path, I've witnessed the spectrum in how others go about their development, how they conduct and express themselves. This all has given me a reference point and made me realize I don't' have to fit this cookie cutter mold. I can be me. Some people may like it, others may not. And that is absolutely ok. I'm not for everyone and everyone is not for me. It all has given me perspective.

I’m not a 100%-er and I have respect for those that are. But I do see myself changing that as I go along. And that's just because of what I’m drawn to do and how much I do it changes this as I continue to do this work. It will happen naturally for me as it will for you.

I do know my light served different groups of people in varying stages of my journey as I went along and it will continue to.

Even though the journey may seem like it was messy and all over the place (mine sure was!). In hindsight, you will see it was actually perfect the way it happened.

Is a lightworker supposed to be perfect? Yes, perfect in your own authentic way. Not in the way we think "perfect" would be as perceived by others.

Sending Love,


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