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connecting with your angels

connect with your angels

As an Angel Intuitive I have called upon the Angels intuitively for their involvement in my life in a direct, dynamic way for as long as I can remember. But in the early part of 2015, I happen upon this Angelic Invocation...

I came across this Angelic Invocation in a video posted by Crystal Anne Compton but I did not try it. It was the first I'd heard of this invocation. However, as synchronicity would have it, this invocation crossed my path "randomly" once again... In my first encounter, I was hesitant and wanted to do more research on this so I would know exactly what these words meant and if they indeed were meant to do what was said they would do. That is just in my nature. It is a language I am unfamiliar with after all and as with any other language there is a learning curve. I wanted to be sure I knew what I was doing but then my research fell away as I redirected my focus to other spiritual endeavors. At the same time I also set out the intention that if this was meant to be for me that this would find me again. In hindsight, I found out that these words were channeled by someone I consider a trusted source - Doreen Virtue. But, of course, my analytical mind needed to be sure. The Angels were always there in my life all the while as I keep in constant communication with them on the daily. Well....following through with this recent "coincidence" and as I have done many times throughout the past 10 years, I did some searching on what is referred to as the Enochian language. In that search I happened on this song by Jeanne Christie. Annnd I found my answer :) I found out what this was and what it meant as soon as I started to listen to this song. It literally brought me to tears to say the least the moment it started to play. It is overwhelmingly beautiful. Words can not EVEN describe the overwhelming expansion I felt in my heart center. There was no denying what I felt as I listened to this. I fell in love with it. So much so I immediately felt guided to share this. If you notice, there is an added element to the invocation in this song as this was inspired by Doreen Virtue. The last line of the invocation being "Enu Ra Zay Nu Ra". Just a tad different from Crystal's version, however, Crystal does a great job explaining how to carry this out. I have yet to try this on my own but I know in my heart this is the real deal. It has a very high vibration. Stay tuned as I will write about my experience in another post. I hope you enjoy this gem of a song <3

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