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Full Moon Remote Transmission

Hello Loves... the Full Moon is upon us again come Thursday, December 12th. And again it is time for the monthly remote healing transmission. I committed to open up these monthly remote transmissions to everyone a year ago. Time sure has flown by. As I reflect back, 2019 has been a doozy of a year for me and for most.

I'm sure, once you've reflected, you'll realize a lot of shiz has happened more so this year than any other year in a long while. It could've turned you upside down or thrown you off but you didn't let it. Why? Because your perspective has shifted. You've been working on yourself and you've been maintaining your energy diligently. You were able to roll with the punches and not allow those situations to make you become "stuck". Even if you did get set back just a tad, that's absolutely ok. You got 👏 back 👏 to 👏 it. Let us not forget on top of it all you've also been dealing with the recent energetic shifts which you have felt in a very physical way. You've come a long way my friends and I am soo proud of you.

I will be doing the Full Moon healing transmission on Thursday evening. The purpose of this transmission is to help amplify the 12-12 energy portal for you as well give you the energetic baseline to bring in the new year with renewed commitment, growth and prosperity that is in alignment with whatever it is you have sight your beautiful sights on. I will be working with the Beings Of Light to help anchor this universal energy to the planet and help sending that to you as well.

If you want to be included, comment OPEN in the comments below. If you would want to have someone to also be included, please type in their full name in a separate comment below 🦋

Remember to drink plenty of water, incorporate daily movement (ie. yoga, 30 min walk, 30 min exercise routine), get plenty of rest in and continue to do the daily energy check in with yourself to help support receiving this energy and energy shifts.

Sending Love,



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