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God is wherever you are...

Your relationship to God/Goddess/Source Energy/God Creator, is your own. Church and religion play a part in your connection/belief in a higher power or powers that Be but is meant to really see there is more for you to explore.

Wherever you decide where your "church" is...whether it is in a man made dwelling or within you is your personal choice in your relationship with All That Is. We each develop and grow and expand at a different pace and in different ways.

We ebb & flow in our growth in our spiritual and personal development.

Be willing to keep an open mind to new concepts and new perspectives in order to keep it flowing. When that new concept or new perspective doesn't vibe with you, leave it and forget about it. If it was meant for you as your next step of growth, it will come back around to be revisited at a later time when you’re ready for it.

Remember, all you need is inside of you, within you and all that is you. You are the Divine inhabiting human form, always in touch and communicating with the Divine, always in touch and connected to all that is around you. Wherever you seek the Divine you will find the Divine. You don’t ever have to go seeking a temple to find that connection unless that is where you choose to connect to God. Because No matter where you are, the temple is within you and will always be within you.

I found a lot of contradictions happening at church growing up and knew deep down I can connect to Source on my own. If you are feeling the same, try to connect on your own. Whether by mindful or focused meditation wherever you are…be it in nature or in a busy subway. A few minutes is all it takes. I also connect to Source by intention using a focused meditation. This is another way to become self realized in your own energy, fully connect to God Source and strengthen your relationship. You can do this anytime and anywhere. You are not bound or limited by man-made dwellings. All you need is a brief moment in time when doing it on the fly or set a scheduled time a few days a week to start.

Your relationship with God is your own and is a relationship not defined by physical boundaries. You are your own religion.

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