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how Crystals can help…

Crystals can help with the healing and balancing of our body and energy using their power. Crystals are powerful tools which can assist you in whatever it is you need help with. They are different types, shapes, colors that all serve different purposes. Their geometric shapes & cuts affect the energy it conducts. Crystals can help you with what you need to work with in the spiritual, emotional and physical bodies. It can help help you with mindset, mental & emotional state, transmuting energy, protects your energy, shifting the energy of finance & romance, helps you sleep better, amplify healing power...the list goes on.

For example...

Tiger Eye is my go to (and recommend) for assisting and supporting the Solar Plexus Chakra.  It is a powerful solar plexus healer amongst other things. It's very versatile and can serve more than one chakra.  Tiger's eye will encourage you to live boldly, fiercely and bravely in all aspects of your life. When you are looking for a boost of courage to help you overcome fear or take risks in your life, there’s no better crystal to turn to than a Tiger’s Eye crystal. When you channel the energy of Tiger's Eye crystal properties, you'll be able to connect with the ultimate power of your soul. You can wear it as crystal jewelry (in form of a bracelet or pendant) or place a tiger's eye tumbled stone in your pocket, purse or in your bra. This will consistently keep the energy of this stone with you at all times to help and support you.

image source: @wishingmoon

When trying to decide which crystal to use for a speific purpose, the color of a crystal is a really easy way to know straight-away which energy center it supports. This Green Aventurine would support the Heart Chakra energy center (that is not to say there aren’t other crystals not of the same color that can also support the same chakra). The shape of this particular stone is called a single terminated crystal which is great at directing energy within a grid and can also be used to activate a grid.

Image Credit: @amandavickcreative

You can also use Sound Healing tools such as this Crystal Singing Bowl tuned to the frequency of the heart Chakra. There is a Crystal tuned to the frequency of each chakra. It can be made green but typically these are a frosted color.

Crystals come in many forms and can be applied in many different ways. One way is in tools such as this Black Onyx Gua Sha tool. Gua Sha is a Chinese ancient healing technique which can offer a unique approach addressing issues like chronic pain. This tool is used to help with the flow of energy and fluids in our body such as blood flow and lymphatic drainage. This can be used on your face and body. When a tool such as this is made out of crystal or stone material, it will also affect you on an energetic level as according to its metaphysical properties. I’m attended a workshop a couple of months ago where I learned how I can use this ancient tool to create healthy chi flow within my body in the 3rd, 4th & 5th dimensions as well as lymphatic flow and skin benefits.

Image Credit: @contentpixie

You can use crystal in a grid form for a purpose or a goal whether is for yourself, your home or life area. This method is a little more involved as it involves putting in thought in creating your intentions, the layout, slecting crystals specific to your goals, creating and then activiating the grid.

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These are just some of the ways Crystals can help you in your life. You can either intuitively work with them or seek out a crystal book or use the mighty interwebs to find out informational "How To" to help guide you in deepening your relationship with Crystals :)




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