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How much Energy are you giving Fear vs your Dreams?

Your Dreams fall into your “Important but Not Urgent” list. And because of this, we take for granted that those goals will always be there to do and we will always have the time to get to it. But what most of us don’t (or didn’t) realize, because we don’t make this a priority (remember, because it is important) time will fly on by and then you realize that you never made it happen.

Your “Important But Not Urgent” list are the things you want to explore, those things that lights a fire in your belly, your passion(s), that thing you want to or need to start…BUT those things will never happen if you don’t make it a priority on your daily To Do list.

Your “Important but Not Urgent” list is Self Care. Don’t take it for granted that it will eventually happen one day. Start Making it happen NOW ✨

If we gave as much energy to our dreams as we do to our fears, those fears will lose hold and the power it has over us…it will eventually just become an observation and data of how you react and a way to gauge when you have to redirect or pivot your mindset and actions. Eventually this will be your Inner dialogue: “Oh hello Fear, it’s you again. Interesting you don’t affect me the way you used to. Thank you for providing the data I needed. You can take a seat now because I’m still going through with it”

May your Peace be abundant and You Make your Dreams Happen ✌🏼✨🙏🏼

Maria 💕


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