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How to step fully into your Sovereign Autonomy and Your Inner Compass

Do you know how you can fully step into your Sovereign autonomy and tap into your inner compass with confidence? By practicing Sitting in the Power. Sitting in The Power is a meditation done by Mediums to build the power within them and with their connection to the Spirit world. Although it strengthens them as a person to step into their power, to serve their mission - it is something I recommend EVERYONE doing regardless if you are doing that kind of work or not. It will help you in everything in this lifetime. This practice is to help you grow, work out mindsets that are not serving you, will give you insights & direction to any resources & tools you need to employ to help you along. Clearing and reprogramming mindsets leads to healing & growth.

This practice will help you go within and connect to your inner compass and sovereign autonomy. It helps bring you back to your zero point energy intelligence. With consistent practice, It will help activate and/or fully open your inner sight so you can see situations clearly here in the physical and psychically. It will help you check in to see what you need to do in order heal your past traumas. It will help you become aware and live in the present moment instead of in the past or the future or in fear. It strengthens your auric field and recharges your battery. You will start feeling more secure about your purpose and your place in this life. The list can go on and on. This practice will most definitely help you navigate through all that is happening now as well as the muddied information we are bombarded with every single day

This is a type of meditation I highly recommend starting out with 5 minutes a day until you feel ready to build up. Ultimately if you can at least do 20 minutes is ideal. And with continued practice you will find easier and easier to do it for a longer period of time. And If you are just doing this do for 5 minutes a day, that’s perfectly ok. So long as you have decided to commit to it. This is how you develop and grow and it will progress in your own divine timing.

I would truly recommend is to sit in meditation on your own first with the intention to sit in your power and go with what you are shown or guided to do. But if you need to be shown a step by step from a physical teacher, search for Sitting in the Power meditations. I might at some point create a step by step video in the future. But you can try it on your own first and then try a guided meditation the next time just for fun and comparison. But either way you want to do it at first will work. If you have any questions about this, don't hesitate to reach out! I'd love to hear from you.

There is a lot to be said to have made the commitment for your own personal growth. Nothing to brag about as this is for you and you alone. This practice has a domino effect on all aspects of your life so be prepared to make major shifts and witness break throughs on what you needed in your life.


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