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Looking for Clean Burning, Sustainable, Divine-smelling, Gorgeous Looking candles? I got you Sis!

I received these gorgeous, amazing smelling candles last night. They are just pure magic. These are soy wax but Danielle from is now producing coconut wax candles. She also has Shanti Energy Kits in stock for those of you wanting a 1-stop-shop for supporting and cleansing your energy. Danielle is based off of Queens, NY. These are hand poured with Love, eco-friendly, beautiful and did I say they smell divine? 😊 I am loving these really hard! Lol.

When I come across a good thing I definitely want to share it with you all. I always remain conscious on the kind of candles I buy and burn. If you ever are in need to restock, Shanti Creations is definitely the shop to go to ❤

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