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When I started communicating with my Higher Self

Updated: Dec 8, 2023

When I started consciously communicating with my Higher Self, I started with using a pendulum... It was a time in my life when I had to use a method that was outside of myself to do this. Although deep down it bothered me that I had to use something outside of myself to do this, it was a start none-the-less.

Deep down it felt like I didn't need it and I felt I could communicate without it, but I was at a place in my life were I was "in my way" so to speak. Even though I felt a pendulum was cumbersome and tedious to use, I used it because I didn't trust myself in what I was receiving at that time in my life (totally left brain thinking) and needed an external form of communication with spirit of what I was getting for the sake of validation and confidence. I wasn't fully familiar with the process. But I trusted in the process more than I trusted what I received myself! I actually started practicing connecting with my Higher Self shortly after I started my Akashic Record Healing Modality training. I was using a pendulum as my intuitive training wheel throughout this class so it seemed naturally logical to do the same to connect with my Higher Self. I purchased a book on communicating with your Higher Self and got to work. I completed the exercises as I read along. However, it wasn't all smooth sails during this process. "LIFE" would get in the way or I would get frustrated with my progress which resulted in putting the book away and the Higher Self sessions were put on hold....after a short hiatus and me getting over myself, I would pick up where I left off. And this pattern repeated for about a year and a half.... There were times where I found I didn't resonate with some of the author's take on one's Higher Self perspective but I did my best to work through the exercises. There were times when I would revisit those same aspects I didn't resonate with and found myself looking at them with a new perspective and understanding. At times, I became frustrated with the techniques of wording my questions specifically and properly in an effort to avoid receiving inconsistent answers. But with practice, I learned it and I realized the process did work. As a result, I received the guidance I was seeking. It was was definitely a trial and error learning process for me to let go and receive. Throughout it all, the understanding of intuition became clearer and clearer. As I heard many a time and now truly understand, Intuition is a right brained function. It's like a muscle that atrophied because we were told that we couldn't trust it as kids. Growing up, society frowned upon and discredited the use of intuition on all situations big and a small alike...because of this we were raised to use logic - the left brain. So now, in order to make that connection again, we have to work on it to build that muscle and make it strong. And as with any physical fitness exercise regimen, you will get frustrated. the beginning, your desired results will not be immediate. Because....when you think you are making progress something will happen to set you back and you'll get frustrated. It will either seem you have taken two steps back or feel like you are wasting your time and want to give it up. The key to achieving this goal is to stay at it, keep going, keep working on it. If you get immediate results, consider yourself blessed. You may have those kind of moments. But as with anything, it takes work to achieve that desired result. The thing with intuition is we tend to not trust ourselves. We doubt and discount. I had those same kinds of situations that paralleled working out and trying to lose that 30 pounds and achieving that dream bod we all have in mind. I became frustrated and gave it up for a while. Picked it back up and became frustrated again. And so that on/off pattern continued. But I always came back to it. I didn't give up. I was motivated enough to keep going with it and I'm saw results. I did the same with this process. I stuck with it. I am now truly blessed to receive and witness the rewards. As a result, I moved on to communicate with my Spirit Team! I can now communicate with my Higher Self without my pendulum.

I used my pendulum as a training wheel. I knew from the start it wasn't going to be the end all. I knew deep down it was just to get me started. I do admit, at times I still do use it...but only for those moments where I'm emotionally invested in a situation and cannot be open to what I've receiving. But you will find that goes for anyone. The idea is to calm down, connect and receive guidance. Or use a divination tool when you're calm but can't calm down enough to connect with your guides or Higher Self. As with anything, it's a work in progress. You will find this with even the most advanced and accomplished spiritual people. The key is to be gentle with yourself... Your Higher Self is one of the many in your Spirit Guide Team. The strongest relationship that you'll ever have is with your Spirit Guide Team. My Spirit Guide Team is a part of my daily life...If a day goes by where I'm super busy and I haven't consciously touched base with my team - I definitely feel it. I don't worry though. Even though we (you and I) are always in constant communication with our team through those subtle nudges known as our intuition, I just resolve to make a conscious connection the following day. As corny as this sounds, this special relationship definitely puts the color in my life and makes it magical :) I am now accustomed to consciously communicating with my Higher Self and Spirit Guide Team on a daily basis to the point where I miss the interaction when I forget to reach out. It feels normal now. It feels like home. If you are looking to start communicating with your Higher Self and Spirit Guides, using a pendulum can be a place to start for you. Some people like to use and continue to use divination tools such as pendulums, tarot cards, oracle cards, runes, etc. And some of us just use them as training wheels and eventually stop using them all together when we feel comfortable enough to trust what we are getting. Just remember one very important rule...set your intention and state with whom you want to communicate with before you begin your session (i.e. with you Spirit Guides, Higher Self, Spirit Team, Angels, etc.). Either way is just a matter of preference. Give it a shot. Explore what works for you. As the saying goes...the sky is the limit! :) With that, I leave you with this... "The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift. We will not solve the problems of the world from the same level of thinking we were at when we created them. More than anything else, this new century demands new thinking: We must change our materially based analyses of the world around us to include broader, more multidimensional perspectives." - Albert Einstein Love & Blessings,



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