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part deux...connecting with your angels

photo credit:  artist unknown

The next morning, I woke up with the Enochian invocation playing over and over again in song in my head as I shuffled into my bathroom to brush my teeth...

My morning routine consists of either brushing my teeth before I meditate or meditating before I brush my teeth..depends on how badly I feel the teeth need to be brushed on a given morning. As I brushed my teeth that morning, it was obvious to me what I was to do in mediation as I heard this loop in my head. Now I know it's been awhile since my last post. Click here to hear a clip of what it sounded like...except without the music. For the record, remember everyone's experience will be different. I believe it depends if this is your first time or the millionth time connecting with your Angels. Your experience may be more profound than mine or nothing may happen at first. It may take a few tries. You also have your own things to work through to get out of your way and be in a state of allowance. To allow and receive. Regardless, they (Angels) are there for you always. To be honest I didn't know what I expected. Being as I am used to working with their energy for years now, I figured maybe it wouldn't be a profound experience and it would be a 'meh" experience. And I was ok with having a "meh" experience. Heck I wasn't expecting much at all. But I was excited to find out! Once I entered my sacred space, centered and connected with the earth, the heavens and my Spirit team, I tried the invocation on my own. I had to say this within my head as to not wake my children. And so I said these words in song several times within my head. My ears experienced a very fine sharpness in pressure very fast. I'll try to explain this fine sharpness ...have you ever experienced a very sudden change in air pressure where the pressure changes very quickly, you still feel the build up in pressure but it's so quick it almost hurts and is a bit uncomfortable? Well for me it skipped the preliminary build up and went directly to the sharpness in the ears. It didn't hurt but it felt like a pin prick, very fine almost high pitched pressure. I know. I don't even know if that makes sense but that is the best way I can describe it. Sometimes I feel when attempting to explain your spiritual experiences that it cheapens it in someway because we (more so I) can not do it justice by attempting to put into words the profoundness of the experience. Kind of like when someone tells you about a funny thing that happened but it wasn't as funny to you when they explained it and so it's a "you had to be there" type of scenario. As soon as I was done with the invocation, in my mind’s eye I saw these enormous golden beings descend from above, land, forming a half circle in front of me. I could only see the lower half of their legs and feet. However, from what I did see, I noticed they were dressed in what seemed like Roman Gladiator attire as I saw the Roman-like gladiator style sandals on their feet and wisps of white linen dress at times. Funny, I didn't think this would be their style but I'll take it. Their energy and presence were very big and powerful but benevolent. After they arrived, they asked what they could be of assistance with. Annnnd I proceeded to tell them. when I was done, I thanked them for coming and connecting with me once again. My experience with this invocation was a memorable one for sure. It was a gentle but not so subtle experience. I went in without really expecting anything. If this is something you feel the urge to try I invite you to. First ground to Mother Earth, Connect to the Divine, say your prayer of intention or invocation for the session to make it clear with whom you want to connect with and have at it. Connect with your Angels. You ARE worthy. They always see you as perfect. They don't see you as YOU see yourself. You don't have to be a certain way to be worthy. You don't need to be a color, creed, height or weight. They are non-denomination beings in every sense of the word. Any creed, color, personality, taste in music, style in clothes, no matter if you adorn tattoos on your body, whether you brush your teeth or doesn't matter. All that matters is your heart is sincere and pure. Which by default you are in this state when you seek the love and guidance of your angels...especially when seeking them to be involved in your life in a more direct and dynamic way. You are WORTHY. You ARE perfect just the way you are. They Love you unconditionally and would love to partner with you in helping you be in the flow of your life. They are just waiting for your invitation to do so :) And remember, your Angels are always with you <3 XOXO,



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