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the beginning to functioning as an empath

The other day, my 11 yo was feeling extremely off. I kept asking her what was wrong but she didn't know and couldn't answer. I gave her a hug and she started crying. Hard. I reminded her if she doesn't know the source then the emotion does not belong to her. It's easy to want to hold on to the emotion and let it ride but we have to let it go. I reminded her of the technique I taught her when this happens. She went quiet, closed her eyes, I saw her take a few deep breaths and saw the energy about her change. Within minutes she was her happy goofy self again.⠀ My daughters are highly sensitives. They both are empaths. My young one can objectively see auras and spirits. My oldest has always been able to but as she got older, her abilities got more fine tuned and stronger where she can pick up on specific things about folks (even though she wants nothing to do with it). I have taught my kids how to ground and manage their energy ...well I'm still working on it with my younger one and my eldest has FINALLY taken heed to what I've been coaching her to do all along - techniques for managing her energy body. It's that thing where kids won't heed your advice until they realize there is actually something to what you've been saying...or when someone else says the same thing to them.

Image Credit: @anniespratt via Unsplash

I'm sooo glad I can be able to pass down this knowledge to my kids. I think it’s so important. Kids now-a-days are highly sensitive. I wish my mom had done the same thing for me. Although she had abilities, she just didn't know. Let alone how the changing energy of the world + harsh environment would affect me. I would have figured things out a lot sooner and I wouldn't have gone through life thinking I had some kind of hormonal or mood disorder. I simply didn't want to be here, I thought the world a horrible place and then just become an angry person. I had anger issues for a very long time. I carried that angry and depressed energy on through my adult life. I dealt with it as best I could and really didn't figure it out until I was in my 30s. If you find yourself in the same situation, one simple practice is the start of taking control of your energy and that is asking “is this yours?” If you get a NO, take 3 deep breaths and say “this is not mine, I release it.” Say that 3x. If within 5 minutes, you still feel off, you can then you move on to alchemizing your energy in order to get it cleared and reset. There are other tools and many ways to do this, one being the Silver-Violet Flame mantra.

It Works. Every. Single. Time ❤

Sending Love,



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