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the unsuspecting earthbound spirit

the unsuspecting earthbound spirit

There is a dimension that exists which overlaps with our reality. This particular dimension has an over-population of spirits that have not crossed over for many reasons ranging from feeling guilt to wanting to stay and helped loved ones to being mistakenly afraid of what awaits them due to their beliefs while incarnated. Their presence in this realm affects the energetic state of our reality. In an effort to help these souls and the overall energetic state of our world, I help cross these spirits over to where they can be in peace and continue on with their soul's work and evolution. For the most part this is a uneventful process...but sometimes it gets interesting....

I was at work, coming out of what I call a food coma. Yep, it feels like a food coma... What I mean by that is, there are some foods I’m sensitive to that get me really sleepy and into a haze. We were well into the fall season at the time and I had bought a 8 pack of organic lentil soup for a quick if-I’ve-forgotten-my-lunch kind of day. Obviously this would still have preservatives that make it possible for it to be canned. There is an ingredient within that makes me almost narcoleptic. I hadn’t had these in a while and remembered at that moment why I stopped eating them. It wouldn't happen every time with these canned soups but I would experience the affects of it more times than I'd want. I was super hungry and I ate more than I should have. The fact that I was also sleep deprived during that time in my life due to burning the midnight oil didn't help I'm sure. But that isn't what this is obviously about... Just to set the tone as to how this all started...I’m checking Facebook for a page on a Past Life Regression therapist I had been following via email since 2009 but never dawned on me that she had a Facebook page. While attempting to search for her page, I saw a post on my news feed that I would typically let go but for whatever reason I became bothered. I felt the struggle between feeling fine and allowing disappointment to enter. I felt a struggle with feeling saddened and not feeling saddened. This relentless sadness evolved and I started to cry. The emotion was very strong. There was this hopelessness that accompanied this sadness. I thought to myself..."I was perfectly fine before what happened? Where did this come from? Why am I feeling this way? I should be happy. I was finally having an in-stream of clients come my way and was so excited to be diving into this spiritual healing work I had put on a back burner for so long.” What I realized a bit later was that this was a catalyst for what was near me at that moment. I didn’t realize it at first as I thought it was an unprecedented mood swing... or maybe the food got me in a bad mood! But when I finally asked myself why am I feeling this way? A voice (in my head) said one word: "Spirit". It was one of my guides answering my question. I asked, “Could it be an Earthbound Spirit?” To that the answer was “Yes.” First I thought to myself, well that was no surprise as I've come across Earthbound Spirits at work many a time but I always had a forewarning, I saw or felt it coming. This blindsided me. Then I thought, Oh my gosh! This has happened to me like a million times before and I never connected those dots. I knew I was an empath. I knew I was clairsentient. I should've known better! Although I became better with time with figuring what was mine and what wasn't, there were times like these where I was oblivious and couldn't tell which was what! I used to default to thinking it was a living person. Not spirit. Which most times I was right but then there was the grey areas where it wasn't coming from a person. I figured out eventually that I was also connecting with Spirit. Even with all the experiences I've had, I was still figuring my way and learning this empath/clairsentient thing. This was the first time I came to the realization (with the help of my guide) that this feeling of sadness and hopelessness came from a spirit. Almost instantaneously, without trying to find out what was going on with this spirit, what it was about or who it was... I reacted by speaking to it in my mind (because I am at work after all) and told it (as I did not know at that point if it was male or female) “...there is no need to be feeling this way. Why would you want to feel this way? Aren’t you tired of feeling this way? Wouldn’t you want to let this icky feeling go and be happy finally?” With each subsequent question, my heavy heart became lighter and lighter. The sadness dissipating more and more. I felt better and better. I knew it was working. It truly was a spirit because if it was truly me I wouldn’t have had this kind of result. It was like seeing the reaction of someone who needed a pep talk and you saw that your pep talk was truly working and they were snapping out of their funk. I continued on…”Don’t you want to be somewhere you can heal? Where you can evolve? Where you can feel loved? And be happy all of the time?” At that point I heard a very low guttural voice protesting. Simultaneously in my mind’s eye, I saw a distorted dark blob with an indistinguishable face with just eyes step in front of this faded person, coming from behind, as it protested that she could not. I immediately reacted and I sternly said "Yes she can! Go away, get away from her". In hindsight, that was the first time that had happened when crossing over a spirit. I stood my ground, had no fear and didn't flinch. At that point I realized this spirit person was a female. I also realized I had not followed protocol and not taken the proper steps to call down a light source channel as this happened so fast and so unexpectedly spontaneous like. Being as that was the case, I immediately thought of ArchAngel Michael. I invoked him and asked that he come for this soul, peel away and release her from this sadness she feels in preparation for her soul to heal and transition. I asked that he please escort her into the light, back to source, back to love. I saw this opening from above filled with light and I knew a door was opened for this to happen. And it was done. I thanked him. And my hopeless sadness feeling was gone. POOF! As if it never happened. It was as if a light switch had been flipped. I was back to myself again. My mind was left whirling a little from what had just happened. I centered myself, grounded, cleared myself of any energies that no longer served me and did not belong to me, I then connected to God/Our Source Energy/All that Is from up above and allowed the light to fill my multi-dimensional body with light and love. Once I was filled with light and my chakras were balanced, I psychically shielded myself with a white light and golden ring. Still thinking about this and being as it was my first time realizing this was one more way I connected with spirits, I called on to speak with the the Angelic realm...any angel that could answer my questions. I needed to confirm this new realization. The Angels indeed confirmed this for me. ...the question to myself for a second was: What was that thing? But then I told myself who cares, it was obviously a lower level thing that was keeping this person in a state of sadness and feeding off of her. And that was the extent and end of it. Was I scared? No. Nothing really scares me. I do have I guess what you would call a healthy fear. The kind that serves as a warning where you know where not to go or do for my own safety in this physical life. Fear is meant to move energy as with anger. It's a motivator for action. Now, please understand I use discernment and acknowledge both forces - positive and negative. But I don’t go looking for trouble. I do know I have the power to protect myself and have allies in the spirit world to call on for support and help when I need it. Energetically, fear only advocates the attraction of undesirable and unwanted energies. It pokes holes into your energetic field making it weak. These kind of energies feed off of it. By default, I do not even go into fear really so it doesn’t happen. It never really did for me. I think that feeling of invincibility never left me when I transitioned into adulthood. I’m just not immature as I was about it in my young days. I gather it is just a product of my experiences of growing up in the environment I did. Believe it when they say, your experiences in your present and past lives play a major part in your spiritual work. It can be as a cashier, customer service representative, teacher, the place you grew up in, the types of people you interacted with (to include family), your trials and will all help you help others - both in spirit and in body. If you feel called to this kind of work, it's because you can and you are prepared to do so. It will mostly be uneventful. But, like this one, it sometimes can get a bit interesting. The training I took as I developed psychically, the seemingly millions upon millions of books I’ve read, as silly as it may sound - the supernatural movies I’ve seen growing up and in my adult life (with good guy/underdog vs bad guy scenarios), seeking of balance and truth and justice in everyday life, standing up for others that couldn’t defend themselves, the many customer service oriented jobs I held, my many many paranormal experiences growing up, the rough urban environment I grew up in ...all prepared me for the spiritual "community work" I do now. Helping lost souls cross over that bridge so they can go home to into a loving and peaceful existence to continue to do their own soulful work. Instead of just helping, defending and fighting for people here in our physical reality, I now also do it for those that need the help in the Etheric plane. Does this sound like a cross between the t.v. series The Ghost Whisperer and Supernatural? Maybe ;) But all joking aside... it's compassionate work, heart-centered soulful work. I can only equate it to helping the homeless that are living in the cold, with no shelter and food. And it makes me feel so happy to know that I helped someone find their way... ...As above, So below. Infinite Blessings, Love and Light to you my friends,



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