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What is a Property Realignment?

What is a Property Realignment?

Does a room in your home or property feel off? Do you get distracted easily whenever you enter a certain space in your home? Perhaps you get headaches, a feeling of exhaustion and the feeling of being drained overcomes you....

Or maybe you constantly have an uneasy feeling in an certain area of your home? Or you have noticed things started going weird after you brought home that antique or used item from the resale shop? Have you ever felt like you are not alone when you know there is no one else in the house? Have you tried clearing your home yourself but the problem still persists? Are you trying to sell your property but it’s been months since you've seen a prospective buyer? If you have answered yes to any of these questions, then your home or property needs a space clearing. A home, a property or a piece of land are considered energetic entities. They each have a history and will have a record held on it’s behalf in the Akashic Records as do Souls. Each of these are made of and contain energy – good and not so good. They will contain residual energies created by people and events that have transpired throughout the years that may be as recent as the last renter or owner to spanning hundreds of years (or thousands of years in the case of land) depending on how old the structure is. These energies accumulate and affect you after a period of time depending on the kind of energy that has remained, the intensity and the emotions involved in events that occurred at this location. There are many ways to carry out a space clearing. I'm sure you have at some point attempted to do it yourself, had a friend do it or hired an intuitive to do it. Every intuitive has their own method of clearing a space. Typically, the space is cleansed and cleared and that's it. You have no idea what was there or how to manage your space. That is unless you hire a Psychic Medium to do it. Some Mediums, not all, will do a physical or remote "walk through" to identify the energies present, clear your space and tell you what was present and how to manage your space energetically. This is the way I do it except with a slight twist. A Property Realignment session is one of many ways to clear a space, home or land. However, this is done remotely using the Akashic Record to reset the energetic space to it's neutral state. In addition to clearing the dissonant energy that has been making your space uncomfortable, I will let you know what is causing the discord and why you feel the way you do. In some cases the discord is created by people living in the home, in which case I will let you know what needs to be done to keep your space free and clear. This also addresses and helps transition earthbound spirits to their rightful place as well as removing lower vibration entities from your space. Giving your home the energetic clearing and cleaning that it needs, giving you what you need for you to feel comfortable in your own space once and for all. The result is the release of these stagnant and stuck energies that make you feel ill with no seemingly known cause and interferes with your comfort and productivity. This session will ultimately energetically realign your property to be in harmony with YOUR vibration. You see, the energies that is making you feel uneasy within the property is a mismatch for your vibration…regardless of the cause. You will find that you will be especially sensitive to the energies in your home after having done a Soul Realignment Session. This space clearing session will reset your space back to a peaceful and comfortable space, as it should be, because it reclaims your property as your own. You do not need to be physically present to have this done on your behalf. This can be done on any property - personally or professionally owned or rented. After the property is cleared, I provide you with what was found as well as what you need to do to maintain the energy within your property. Simple as that! with Love,



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