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when to stop looking to others for answers

I've attended many different gallery readings with the same circle of people and I have noticed some folks asking the same question only within days of receiving intuitive guidance from a reading on the same situation or question.

These very same people are running it by their partners, family, friends to see what their take is on it. I know I've done it!

So what does this say? For starters, you are looking for an answer that "fits" which is counter-intuitive, you can't accept the information that you received or your internal GPS system is so muddled by your mental and emotional state that you can't see straight. I've been there myself love.

There is nothing wrong with seeking outside guidance. It's when you over do it that can become a problem. Yes, there is such a thing when it comes to seeking insight from others. What it comes down to is you aren't trusting the answers that are coming to you and you are not trusting your own guidance system.

Ideally, we should be able to obtain these intuitive answers for ourselves. But in the event that we are emotionally attached to the situation or outcome, we need a helping hand. Some people just ask their spirit guides and receive answers instantly or within days, depending their ability to put their left-brain thinking on hold. Or you hire a Psychic.

Going the route of hiring a Reader,what typically unfolds is you find a Reader for a session, take that guidance, integrate it then follow through with the information that resonated. Sometimes the information that came through doesn't make sense at all. So what are you supposed to do? File it away for future reference. There will be times when the information received will not make sense at that moment but it will later. In the meantime, meditate to gain clarity on the situation.

"But what if I want a second reading to confirm the first?"

Ok, then, go for it.

(Gets 2nd reading) "Well, I think I'm going to get a 3rd reading for sure measure..."

That's pushing it a bit, but still doable...

So How many readings is too much?

I have a rule of thumb and believe it or not, it involves the magic number 3. Ideally, one reading really should be enough. But if you are really having a hard time, then worst case scenario don't go over the 3 mark.

A lot of times hun, you already know the answer before even receiving the readings. A lot of times your Reader will confirm what you were already guided to do and that is perfectly ok. It doesn't mean that reading you received was an epic fail. It means you were on the right track. Pat yourself on the back! It doesn't mean you have to like the answer though. It may be a tough situation where you have to take an action you really don't want to do. But that's life boo. A reading won't make it any easier.

We all need to seek confirmation from others at one point or another..especially when we are too emotionally attached to the situation or outcome that we feel we can't make a sound decision on what to do or where to go next.

When seeking different readers for the same situation will result in confusion and frustration. What will happen is you will get the same answers or the info that comes through won't be related to what you are asking about. Why? Because you haven't put into action the guidance you received. If you are fishing for an answer to "fit" what you think is the answer, it will only end in frustration. You will be caught in this perpetual loop of not trusting your own guidance system and always seeking the answer outside of yourself. No bueno.

If you feel you need moooore confirmation with another reading, then go ahead and do it. 2 times is where I would say is the cutoff. If you go for a 3rd reading with the same questions then that is pushing it just a tad but still doable.

If you did a 3rd reading and you were still unsatisfied, then I strongly recommend this be a very good time to reflect on the information you received. Go within to check in with your soul, your internal GPS system. When doing this, call in your guides or light being you have an affinity for to help you sort things out.

If you are especially doubtful of your own intuition and feel you can't get clear direction, before communing with your guides during meditation, grid your space first. This will secure the physical and etheric space. Some people sometimes just need that extra extra.

There are many ways to grid your space. What is gridding you's a method to hold a space in a certain frequency. The easiest way, I feel, is to invoke the Angels (even the ArchAngels) to do this for you (depending on your comfort level and the situation). No tools required. When calling in these high frequency Beings of Light you are asking to have the energy of your session to have secure a transmission of Divine Light and Divine Truth.

I sometimes ask AA Michael to grid the space for me...or, depending on the work I'm doing, I will call in the 4 ArchAngels (Michael, Gabriel, Uriel and Raphael) to grid the space for me. You can then proceed to go about your meditation with the intention of gaining clarity and insight on your situation. When done with your session, write it down as soon as your session is done because the information gained is floaty and fleeting and you may or may not remember it if you wait.

Sending Love,



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