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You Do You, Boo

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Initially I saw this meme and thought...I'd change the "don't have to please everyone" to "don't have to compare myself to others" but I realized comparing myself was a form of pleasing everyone. When I started my spiritual "service-to-others" journey 11 years ago, I was definitely out of my confort zone...I would compare myself because I didn't feel good enough or felt I didn't fully belong inany one group. And this would continue in waves throughout ... I still catch myself at times and course correct. It's like a habit that needs to be broken. And it's soo ironic because I never had a problem with mastering a new skill or was one to care what people thought and whether they like me or not. But then all of a sudden I did because there was no way to gauge the quality of service and acceptance. All I could do was close my eyes, taking the leap of faith and hope the message, that reading, that healing resonated. Deep down, as I've seemingly witnessed, it did bother me at a certain level. And that was a aspect of myself I knew I had to work on. I went through periods of..."if I am this way, like this person here and that person there, I will be good at it and accepted in the community(ies)" This beast would rear it's head when I felt the quality of service had to be there for me to be good enough....and I was never there in my eyes. Let me tell you, if you have this figured out early on, you are waaaay ahead of the game. One of the epiphanies I had as I watched everyone practice their teaching segment in the Teachers Development Program and seeing the different style of Readers and Healers here in main Lab for the past 2 years and in the past few months in the Readers & Healers group, made me realize that there is such a vast variety of styles, abilities and niches that it is absolutely impossible to be more like "this or that". It's a waste of time to beat yourself up over it. There is a fine line between having a healthy ambition to be the best you can be and beating yourself up because you feel you aren't good enough sprinkled with "do I fit in?" Does that make sense? I hope it does. It's impossible and that's a good thing! Because it forces you to be yourself, to embrace your uniqueness and take comfort in it. It's a surrendering to yourself. Don't compare yourself. And of course just strive to be the best you can be in your service to others. There is always a constant flux of learning, integrating, knowing, teaching and then rinse & repeat So You Do You, Boo. There is where the magic happens




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