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Image by Bharath Reddy


You are here because ready to take that next step... You are ready to dig deep, overcome patterns and heal soul wounds, clear energetic distortions in your field, to better understand what makes you do what you do, to rediscover and reconnect to yourself on a soul level. You are going through some major changes in your life and are also looking to make some major changes. You are on a accelerated path of self discovery and healing.


You are in the right place. 


I assist in bringing you back into alignment & balance with your mental, emotional, spiritual and physical self. My approach is to help you achieve healing and balance on every aspect and level of you as a Multi-dimensional Being. 

I help you discover

  • who you ARE on a Soul level and the energies that most influence you in this life as a Starseed

  • integrate your coming into your Power

  • re-awaken the Energy Alchemist within

  • reconnect to your Spiritual Identity

  • re-discover what you are here to do, your Soul's purpose in this lifetime

  • help you remember & embody the Powerful Conscious Creator you always have been for many life times

  • help you navigate with balancing your Ego Self and Your Soul

My work will help catapult your discoveries, connect the dots for you along your unique sacred journey of living an awakened conscious life as well as show you how to live as a Powerful Multidimensional Being.

I empower you to heal by bringing to light the subconscious repetitive unproductive patterns you have been dealing with. Patterns you have tried so hard to be rid of and create a new way of living. If you are ready to push through that invisible wall that keeps you from moving forward and want to finally identify the root causes to those repeating patterns and clear them once and for all, I am here for you.  


I assist you on your healing journey from grief, depression, anxiety, negative thinking, sabotaging patterns. I offer sessions to Empower you to manage, heal, transform & evolve through Mediumship & Psychic Readings, Akashic Records clearing sessions, Energy Alchemy Healing Sessions and Intuitive Coaching.


As a Medium I have the ability to connect on different levels however I have a couple of areas of focus… I connect as an Evidential Medium which is connecting to the Souls of your Passed Loved ones, providing evidence they still live on as well as delivering their messages of guidance you need at this time. The 2nd area of focus is as a Spirit Medium where I can connect to your Spirit Team (Higher Self, Guides, Angels, etc). These are entirely 2 different styles, purpose and focus and I make sure they don't intermingle within any given session, unless you ask me cater your session to cater your such as such. 


As a Psychic, there are different ways I also connect...I can connect to YOUR Soul level energy to conduct Soul & Akashic Record Readings which gleans into what is going on with you on a deeper level, I see what's going on within your quantum biofield in order to provide guidance and healing.  The 2nd way I can connect Psychically is by connecting in the typical fashion where I connect to your Aura or bio-energy field to glean into your everyday areas of life (career, finance, relationship, health, etc). 


As a Healer, I work with the Archangelic Realm, Universal Life Force, Galactic Energies, Ancestors, Guides, Spirit Helpers and work clearings within the Akashic Records to bring to Light your Shadow aspects for clearing distorted codes, anchoring the clearing & healing energy within your Physical, Mental, Emotional, Spiritual Body.

By working in this way, I help you clear energetic sabotaging blocks and patterns causing life interference and relay messages & guidance from your spirit tribe.  Click here to find out more about the different types of Akashic and Spiritual sessions that can help you heal, evolve and grow. It is time to REALIGN with your TRUE SELF.  I can't wait to connect with you!

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