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a thought vs a psychic message?

Updated: Aug 9, 2019

Ever wonder how you can tell whether you are receiving a psychic message or just a mere thought?

Welp... the thought is the narrative that is CONSTANTLY playing in the background. The onnnngoing chatter that is forever in your head. Your logical mind. Left Brain thinking. The part of you always planning and thinking things through.

Then, in comes this random thought, totally not related. Or was it a thought?

Those random, seemingly unrelated "thoughts" are psychic/intuitive messages. Most time seemingly unrelated. Sometimes, if you are lucky, you know exactly what it is for at the moment it comes through... but sometimes that knowing comes in hindsight.

Psychic messages comes in with the observer energy. It is not emotionally attached, there is no Ego... it just PLOOPs into your awareness. No strings attached, no rhyme or reason. But yet it does. That's the way it starts at first. Pay attention to this.

How do you tell if it is a mere thought? Ask yourself, is it emotionally driven? Especially, if it is has a tone of fear, anger, sadness to it.

The more you pay attention to these dropped packets of information, the more you become aware of your psychic platform. You will know what it feels like, looks like, sounds like.

So the way you become aware of it is to acknowledge the information coming through by way of journaling it or recording it in some way shape or form so you can keep track of these gems of insight. This practice will allow you to remember where it fits in, if it is the answer to a question you asked recently, an answer to a problem or insight about someone in your life.

With practice, you will spot these messages easily.

As a side note...when needing psychic insight for yourself on a situation, it is best to wait until you are not in a emotional state. Wait until you are calm. Ask the question, set the intention to receive that answer, let it go and it will come when you are in your most calm state. This can be while you are doing dishes, vacuuming, gardening, mowing the lawn, building that cabinet or meditating. Your emotional body clouds your intuitive hits for yourself.

Try it out and let me know how it works for you!

Sending Love,


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