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about last night...

Updated: Aug 9, 2019

Happy New Beginnings!

This is a snapshot of what the moon looked like yesterday.

I follow the moon phases in a haphazardly fashion. Sometimes I pay attention and sometimes I don't. And there are times when I generally know what moon phase we are coming into but don't really pay attention. I'm not one to use the moon phase energies like clock work. I work with the energies as I'm called to. Sometimes there will be months where I don't do anything. It ebbs and flows.

I do find whenever I am going through "a phase" it coincides with the present energies in place. This includes planet placements as well. I DO find I have a common mood theme with the New Moon though. I slow down, need more sleep and take less action and am more about living in the present moment. Everrrrything slows down. But once the waxing phase begins, I'm back to my normal energy level and raring to go.

Last night (totally forgetting about the new Moon a-gain) I sat down in meditation, and with feeling and intent, renewed my intentions of releasing ALL that no longer served me once and for all (because there seems like there's always one more sabotaging pattern...I know you can relate) as well as my goals.

I felt a shift afterward. I did it with conviction. I felt into it. I've noticed a difference when I don't feeel into that thing I want to manifest. It still happens but just not as quickly. I came out of that meditation feeling a def energetic shift ...almost as if a switch was flipped on.

The key to manifesting the goals and setting your intentions for said goals is feeling into it. It's harder than it sounds. As cliche' as this may sound, you have to really feel it in your heart. This is what tells the universe that you mean business. Otherwise, it will be slowing moving... either way it will happen. One will just happen faster than the other.

If you didn't work with the New Moon energies last night, you still can. You have 2 days leading up to it and 2 days after to work with it.

Sending Love,


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