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feel free to be you

This is a topic I had been meaning to put out there for a while now ....ANNND have been actually working on myself...being mindful of keeping the delicate balance of being human and spirit. Living the duality that is of a spiritual being living a physical life on this planet…

One of my intuitive and psychic medium teachers recently just touched on this topic and I felt like there was no other time like the present to also put this out there since I've been sitting on it! Funny thing is we are pretty much on the same wave length within the intuitive community even though some may be working on different aspects of the same thing. I have found myself working on this for the past year. But I find myself struggling less and less as I continue to be mindful of this.

SO I’m going to make this simple. I’m just going to quote her here as I feel this couldn't have been more perfectly said…

"I've had several conversations with different groups of friends, about the possible view of Spiritual Entrepreneurs, Psychics, Mediums, Healers, etc. The one thing that keeps coming up is, PERFECTION. Yes, we were all made perfectly with Love...but that's not what I'm talking about. It's the idea of looking up to people because you think they are supposed to be perfect. This creates a lot of pressure. As a third grade teacher, I felt I had to dress a certain way and I even had to censor myself. Maybe it was the pressure I had to put on myself or maybe it was the public system...whatever it was, it didn't feel right. Don't get me wrong; I absolutely LOVED my teaching job. The last year or so was when I started to feel as though I was outgrowing it and had to go full time with my business. But, it's funny....I never realized how much I was holding back until I left teaching. I wanted to dress like a college student again :) I wanted to post publicly about cool spiritual experiences, and I wanted to just be FREE (ALL OF THE TIME). So, now switching over to "Spiritual Entrepreneur" full time is something that feels more like me than anything. Since doing this work, I've found a lot of my peers feel the pressure of having to be the light for others. We MUST be ourselves and try to be the best human being we can be. This doesn’t mean we have to be perfect. You should never put anyone on a pedestal, just because they have a certain title. That should never be done. If we are living on Earth, we are meant to grow and experience this earthly HUMANS. Lose the idea of everyone else having the answers. YOU have the answers within you. Yes, you can still get that Psychic reading…that’s not what I mean. It’s the idea and pressure of feeling as though you or others have to be perfect. It’s just not realistic. There is a strong pull to have conversation about this because it has consistently popped up in my mind. We are meant to be ourselves, no matter what that looks like. Just be YOU, no matter how uncomfortable you make others feel. Don't hold back for anyone, you’re doing everyone a disservice, especially yourself." ~ Lindsay Marino

This is exactly what I've been doing. And as a matter of fact was exactly what I thought... up until a year ago. I thought we had to be perfect and thought the same of other working Mediums, Healers and Intuitives as I embarked on this journey, whatever their field was. I have been working on being me while living (and enjoying) this life and at the same time keeping in check the balance of being human and being of service to spirit as well as ensuring one doesn't interfere with the ability to do the other. I'm just a regular girl, balancing many sides to me (light, dark and in between) who just happens to also be a spiritual jack of all trades, a voice for spirit while at the same time healing myself as I go along. And heck yeah it’s uncomfortable because, believe it or not, I still find myself sometimes hung up on others perception of me and their judgment. But it's getting better and I'm getting better at allowing myself to be free, to be me. Sounds complicated. But that's because I am complicated. And I'm OK with that!

I know it’s hard to try to even enjoy life with all of the ruckus happening in the world today - and that's putting it lightly. I've been handling it a certain way that holds the space to keep the energy up for the earth, for humanity, for Spirit.. It works but it still rocks me from time to time and I get caught off balance at times. When I realized this is how I had to handle it, it was rough starting out and then it became easier to do. But there are moments like I’ve had recently where it makes me wonder. But that will be another blog post. Stay tuned!

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Until next time!



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