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shifting energy to get what you want

Updated: Aug 9, 2019

Some things remain a constant.

No matter what it is you want to achieve (whether it is a health goal, a new skill or achieving balance of all the aspects that make you, well, you)'s keeping your eye on the prize, putting the work in, and then staying consistent to maintain that level of whatever that "thing" is for you.

That's how you make that energetic shift to change that which no longer serves you. This is how you manifest that which you want to create and bring it into the physical. It all starts with energy, a thought, an intention followed by action. It's how you can realign your soul. And this is how I help others on a energetic level... when they have tried it all but have hit a brick wall.

Either way, that is action in the right direction. We can do this ourselves or get the help we need to achieve it. But there is nothing wrong to need a bit of help though. Personally, I try to do my best to take care of things myself first. If I fail repeatedly due to lack of focus, time, consistency...then I seek the help.

But the reason why failure happens is because you don't have a "good enough" reason to motivate you to accomplish that "thing" The reasons are relative to what moves us most right? It doesn't have to be an earth shattering reason. It can be a very small reason. It just has to have a big enough impact to motivate you to change the behaviour or pattern to achieve that new skill.

The formula to change or shift energy is to 1) have a reason driven by emotion 2) implement the steps and actions to implement the change 3) catch and cancel out that Negative Nancy talk and 4) Stay Consistent, focused over time

SOMETIMES, we need help. SOMETIMES even though that reason was good enough, at some point it lost it's UMPH and you don't have that impactful motivator. That is when you need to seek a new motivating reason. And sometimes it's an external source.

I'll give you an example. This year I knew I had to get back into shape. I'd been off the wagon for far too long. My reason ended up being two-fold: balancing my spiritual work with the physical work because in order to do the work I do for others requires that I keep myself in check and balance and 2) to handle the big hunk of steel that is my harley because I need to handle her weight if I want to keep riding and lets face it folks, I'm not getting any younger.

So for me...I'm recommitted to my physical health this year. I'm starting a year long health journey to transform the current state of my body (short term goal) while continuing to improve upon my spiritual/mental/emotional health to eventually bring my physical into alignment and balance with everything else (long term goal). Not because I want to be healthy, live long, age gracefully, etc etc etc...although those have always worked for me in the past and both are and were always my reasons to maintain my JUST wasn't doing it for me anymore as much as it used. Don't get me wrong...I pretty much eat clean 90% of the time, take my supplements, vitamins, etc. What I needed and was lacking is exercise. I fell off the exercise wagon. The movement Wagon. We need movement to balance and ground our energy. I had been at an imbalance for a long time focusing on strengthening my spiritual abilities, I neglected my physical body.

I had been on and off the exercise wagon for about 9 years (since the birth of my 2nd daughter). Either I lacked the motivation, focus, time, consistency, you name it, which ensured the failed attempts. But I didn't give up. I knew I had to do it and kept getting back on the wagon (stubbornly refusing the need to have someone help me).

In December of 2018, I threw my hands up in surrender and finally accepted the fact that I needed to try something different to get this done. I needed outside help.

A part of me was worried I will let it fall through yet again. But I bit the bullet, sought out the help and committed by making an investment to follow through with it. I know I would also have to do my part by catching my nay-saying thoughts, flipping that script with affirmations and telling myself to remain persistent, consistent and keep pushing on forward. And that I did and have been doing.

We are well into the Spring season and I have built momentum. It's become easier and habituary. I see progress. Everything is falling into place and I have established a routine, a cadence of sorts. Whereas before I tried to figure out how I could fit one more thing (the state of my health of all things? LOL) into the mix. But by just doing it, no matter how messy or how many times I messed up, I figured out how to make it all fit and how to make it all possible.

Nothing is impossible y'all.

The beginning of every year, we all make resolutions or recommit to seeing our goals through. We can do this at any given time, really... but the beginning of the year (as with every new moon cycle) represents momentum, a fresh start just as with each new day...we renew and recommit throughout the week, month and year.

Regardless of when and how, the key is to not give up. Keep it going. You (we) will make it happen!

Just Doooo iiiiiitttt.

With LOVE,


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