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Wearing with a purpose

Wearing with a purpose.

I've loved crystals for a very long time. They have fascinated me since I first discovered them and caught wind of their energetic properties. I collected them not knowing what each were and what they did. Back then I haphazardly used crystals hoping that my intuition would make up for my lack of research on the subject. I did pretty good considering.... This "hobby" evolved from just having them in tumbled stone form, to using them during Reiki sessions and progressed to purchasing them in jewelry form for myself.

Wearing them as pendants necklaces, ear rings, bracelets and rings. I knew I was sensitive to energy but when I began to wear them I realized how truly sensitive I was. When I would wear a piece of crystal jewelry for the first time, I literally felt a huge energetic shift almost immediately. Crystals are very high vibration. Most times I would feel like I drank 5 lattes with an extra shot of each latte. I've never drank that many lattes in a day but I can only imagine that is how it would feel like if I did! It was mind blowing.

That's not to say that this will be indicative of how you will feel when you first put them on. Everyone is different of course. But if you are sensitive to energy, you WILL feel it. Trust me. They don't all feel like you've been over-caffeinated. Some are very high in vibration and others have varying levels in vibration ranging from high to low. Low not being a bad thing. They compliment the other and each serve a purpose.

It wasn't until recently that I found an article written about wearing crystal jewelry and explaining how to wear them. Athena from Sage Goddess does an excellent job relaying that in this article and I thought I would leave this here for you in hopes to give you a one quick stop shop lesson on how to wear crystals. Of course, use your intuition if this doesn't resonate with you or if some aspect of what she is saying does not resonate. But lets be real here... that goes to say for anything really. This resonated with me. I learned something new and was validated on other things that I intuitively was guided to do. And so here it is:

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You can also find other articles she has written on how crystals work and ten ways to use your gemstones as a quick read and resource to start your crystal journey...or if you are like I was, this would serve as a resource to read up the subject on as you continue on your crystal journey :)

Crystals can help you heal and overcome physical and energetic blocks. The energy it lends has no time or space. It will help you with any past life or present life issues. Their properties are multi-faceted in that they assist in the healing of your physical ailments as well as energetic blocks in your mental, emotional and spiritual bodies. You can find crystals for energetic protection, to help balance chakras, for love, weight loss, confidence, name it, there is a crystal for it!

I have purchased crystals, crystal jewelry and various other supplies from Sage Goddess and I must stay I am NOT disappointed. If you are local, I'm jealous! I love her shop. I typically purchase crystals from a crystal shop near me located in Geneva, Illinois, called Crystal Life. And have recently discovered an Etsy shop called Crystalized Clarity. I'm very particular about who I purchase crystals from and prefer to go to a physical shop instead of ordering online. I have personally found that these people take great care in the crystals they sell and are very honest and authentic individuals. I am happy say that I have authentic, quality online crystal shops added to my go to list.

I am not an affiliate for any of these shops but I have always been an advocate for sharing my finds of people, places or things that can help others in their journey - whatever that may be.

Happy Crystal hunting!



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