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A different perspective on seeing energy

Ever wonder what clairvoyance can be like for others? Or how it compares to your experiences? Clairvoyance can run the gamut of sightings. Different people can see energy differently or can see different frequencies of energy.

I wanted to share a personal story with regards to clairvoyance. Although my daughters (who are now 10 and 18) have all the clairs pretty much in full operation (as kids who are allowed to express this side of themselves) are both primarily clairvoyant.

They see spirit and can see the spectrum of the colors of auras with their physical eyes. Like them, I can also see spirit but on the other hand see glowing energy around you and will occasionally see colors emanating from you. However, I do see energy grids and energy imprints that people and objects leave behind and see it stretching out as the person is leaving (kind of like slow-motion vision).

I wish I could see colors more often. When I do tap in when doing readings, I do see auric colors with my 3rd eye every time..just not as often with my physical eyes as my daughters do.

Yesterday my 10 yr old asked me about seeing colors and what they mean. I explained to her that the colors, in varying shades even, can mean differently for everyone and it is always a good practice to ask yourself what it means when you see it and notice how it also feels. And the impression of what that color means will be received from either your higher self or your guides.

From there the conversation went on about seeing every way a human spirit can present themselves. Sometimes you see half of a spirit or a part of the body or a body part. You can tell if the person has crossed over and who is hasn't. You won't know until you experience it as you will see and feel how it looks and feels to you. Others will have the same kind of experience and some will not. That is why it is always good to go within to find out and not compare notes with others until after you've done your homework.

As mentioned before, clairvoyance can come through differently for everyone. I feel it depends on the kind of work you do for spirit...but the jury is out for debate on that as I'm still collecting data 😊 One person can see spirits, another can see just auras and yet another can see both auras and spirits, and again yet another will have energetic grids thrown into the mix. It can get really far out there with the things I've seen and man have I seen things.

It all is energy regardless of how you see it. We all have unique differences in our abilities just as our journeys. I'm sure you know not to compare yourself to others. So have fun with developing this Clair. Having fear around what you see will only block you. If you are worried about what you will see or don't want to see anything you would consider scary, ask your guides to ease you into it or tell them what you only what you want to see. Eventually, that ability will change as you lose that fear. The key is to view it all from the observer's position. Keep it in mind to remain the observer. Stay in observer mode when seeing energy in whatever form it presents itself. Remember, we have dominion in this realm and there is nothing to fear. Once we figure that out, the sky's the limit!

And that's my perspective on Clairvoyance today.

Sending Love!



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