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Failure is just a blip

One of the many things I've learned this year is to embrace my blips as progress... because I'm that much closer to understanding that which I'm working on and of course that much closer to "getting it!" I give props to those who figured this out early on in life! 👏 Even though I knew this, I hadn't reeeeally understood it until this year. I used to grimace at the anticipation of failure. When it would happen, I'd be embarrased by it and had a tendency to berate myself over it A LOT. I'm the type to hit it hard and be hard on myself. Sometimes that approach would work and sometimes it didn't. It definitely is stressful. I'm figuring out a sweet spot to that. Now I embrace failure and actually go in with a feeling of expansion no matter what the outcome. That's huge for me and I'm digging it! I figure failure is just like a bump in the road. It would be kinda boring if it was smooth sailing the whole way through even though it would be ideal, lol. It kinda shakes things up and gives you a better understanding of why "it" works. I've learned to just enjoy the ride definitely is less stressful! 😁 💗



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