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Natural support for an upset stomache

This little helper is ahhMAZING

Natural support for an upset stomache

Yesterday I indulged a bit in foods I have not eaten in a long time. Being as it was Mothers Day I thought why not? The combination of foods left my stomach feeling pretty upset (I think "jacked up" would paint a better picture to be honest). A lot of the foods I used to eat no longer sit well. I've notice this especially as I've started my spiritual journey. Your body knows and will tell you LOUD and CLEAR what works and does not work. I'm pretty sure it told me back then but I didn't (or wouldn't) listen.

Well this little helper came in handy last night. I make it a point to use natural and homeopathic aids if necessary. I've been using essential oils for years now. The stomach ache was pretty bad last night.

A couple of drops of this either on your stomach or your lower abdominal area, rub it in (with a carrier oil), then cup your hands over your nose inhaling the aroma deeply 3x will take the edge off off, if not completely, within minutes. It smells like black licorice. I'm not a fan of the aroma but this is my go to when this happens 😊 This baby supports your digestive system. I've used this for my family as well. And

Did you know that herbs and floral essences such as essential oils have a high vibrational frequency? I always use Essential oils when giving Reiki treatments ❤

Food for thought!

with Love,


P.S Yes! I know I need a manicure! ;)


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