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DIY Lymphatic Massage

Lymphatic massage is a great way to help detox your system. As a part of striving to achieve balancing all aspects of yourself, we need to also address our physical being.

I've always said the body is a miraculous machine. I'm in awe of it. Because no matter what we put it through, day in and day out , with the things we put in our mouths and on our skin, whether it's self indulged or not, it manages to keep ticking efficiently.

It is only when our body gets inundated with years of exposure (chemicals, toxins, etc) does it finally start showing us symptoms of breaking down with the likes of auto-immune diseases, skin issues, allergies, intestinal name it.

And even when it is broken down, it keeps going and doing the very basic things we need for it to do.

How we can help give our body the ideal environment it needs to heal is to help it along by course correcting. That means taking care of what you put in and on your body and supplementing that regimen with body work. And lets not forget to be in the space of gratitude. Be grateful for what our body is already doing for us by taking a moment and giving thanks for being blessed for having this well oiled machine we call our body.

A lymphatic massage would be one of the practices that should be incorporated regularly. I think this article I recently found is perfect and a money saver! ...unless you are good with paying someone to get a lymphatic massage on the regular.

Part of taking care of yourself as a whole and achieving a balance of your multidimensional self (mind, body, spirit) does involve your physical body. And the goal IS to strive to achieve a balance of the three...

Here is a great article that explains how to do a DIY Lymphatic massage:




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